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Call Management Solutions through cloud telephony systems

Our call management solutions are tailor made based on clients requirements. We customize the solutions in way that fits the client the most.

Choose Your Numbers Based on Your Business Needs

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Toll Free Numbers

Freephone numbers or Toll free numbers will be the best fit for brand popularity By providing free phone calls to the client.

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers will help business to add multiple forwarding numbers assigned to single virtual number. Call landing can be customized .

Vanity Numbers

Vanity Numbers will help business customers to easily remember the numbers. Which helps business Owners to be a step ahead than the competitors.

Routing Your Callers

Multi-Level IVR

IVR can be configured to handle multiple calls at a same time.

Call Forwarding

Calls can be forward to desired numbers which can reduce the waiting time.

Dedicated Agent

A Agent can be assigned to a dedicated issue for a customer to get it resolved.

Call-Routing After Hours

Call can be routed to asigned agents even after the business hours to stay connected 24/7.


Users can leave a voice message when there are no available agents to attend the call.


Mostly suitable to internal communication where the calls can be routed internally.

Dedicated Reports & Dashboard

Live Dashboard​

Managing calls status and assigning new task can be monitored with an interactive panel

Call Tracking

All calls can be tracked and can be saved. This reduces the risk of missing potential clients

Call Recording

All calls can be recorded live and can be stored for training purposes

Push Notification Reports

reports can be sent through SMS or push notification alerts to the mobile phones

Live Call Info

information of the live calls can be captured and tracked with the dashboard in real time.

Performance Reports

Performance of each agents can be analyzed and tracked with different types of performance reports

Integration and Additional Features

API Integration

We provide API's which can be used to integrate with any third party software

CRM Integration

Our Services can be integrated with any third party CRM software's with help of API.

SSL Security

Communication between the server and the host are made safe through data encryption

Block Users

Admin can block the users which are unnecessary and inappropriate customers

On-Hold Music

Custom music can be Pre-Selected for the customers to here during the call waiting time.

Conversation Notes

While on call agents can pa rally take notes based on the conversation with the clients and save them foe future references

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