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Exam Intergrity Solutions

State of the art face recognition and AI based Proctoring. We use Face Recognition and AI based proctoring to create a fair exam environment. Our API can be easily installed into your LMS or Exam Platform.

Experience matters

Login Authentication

Based on the examinee’s photo ID with the institute, examinee can get verified live through state of the art face recognition and face match.

AI Proctoring

Intermittent Face Recognition, Multi Face Logging, No Face Logging, Camer Hiding Logging.

API & Intergration Support

We provide easy integration APIs for your LMS or Platform Charged on a Pay as you go model.

24/7 Support

24/7 quick support team on standby to support your needs. Weather it is a technical or sales we love to support.

Meaningful Media Monitoring

Get comprehensive analytics on analysed data. Manage and Plan  API usage with various customisable logics which are proprietor to your concern.

API Calls Per Second
success Rate
Server Up-Time

Intuitive Approach

Free Integration

We provide complete integration service completely free of cost.

Customise Logic

We provide a flexible API with which you can decide on how you want to use it.

Highly Scalable

Our platform being hosted on Cloud with autoscaling and load balacners enabled.

Connect with us and get your AI powered Exam Proctoring setup customized for you exam needs.

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