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Introducing New Age Contact less attendance Solution

Log in Authentication will verify Employee Identity upon entering the premises to log contactless presence. Face similarity percentages and confidence levels will be shared for each employee along with logs.

Our system is Equipped With



Out software searches an existing database of faces and compares them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Face Recognition detects multiple faces at the same time – and matches them against faces previously stored in the database.


GPS based login through APP

Now employee attendance at remote sites are made easy and reliable. Using mobile app the employee can login and use face recognition at the location of the site which is gaged using thr GPS location.


Dynamic Shift Builder

This tool helps to dynamically allocate the shift to the employees who are all assigned in different shifts. Which makes the resource management to run smoothly without causing any confusion.


Leave Management

Now employees can apply for leave, give reasons with evidence attached to the leave application which is made available to the HR dashboard.


Employee Categorisations

Now employee categorisation is easier to manage. Based upon the type of work performed, job security and benefits package. Management of job title and the role of the position of the employees are now simple.


HR - Employee Communications

Now employees can easily communicate to HR in a very simplified way. Which reduces the time constraint that results in building up an effective way of communication.


Multi format export of reports

Now the employees can easily export the report at any format which help them to management and tracking. 


App for HR, Management, Employees

Employees doesn’t always happen at the office. Our app gives you the flexibility to manage, approve, reimburse  at anytime. Choose from iOS or Android device apps to manage all activities.


Configure Over time and lateness rules

Now it’s easiy to keep in track of the employees work time status. Which provides a clear track report of late login and overtime report. 



Budgets for claims can be allocated to various employees individually or to employee categories.


A single dashboard to view, manage & report on employee activities

Our dashboard provides visibility into key metrics, allowing you to track hours in real time and make informed decisions. Review data at a glance without having to build reports or export data. Supervisors can see table views and charts displaying employees who clocked in or out, along with entry errors. Get everything you need for online time tracking, all in one spot.

The visual scheduler provides at-a-glance information that lets managers view or generate work schedules by day, week or month; add breaks that align with your scheduling policies; and update schedules to optimize their staffing mix. Plus, employees are empowered to schedule their time off. After all, your employees work hard, so give them the tools they need to efficiently schedule their vacation days.

Online reporting provides the numbers you need to understand what drives payroll costs and how to control them. The comprehensive analysis and reporting tool enables you to “slice and dice” the data on the dimensions that are important like total hours, overtime and project expenses.

Trigger SMS notifications to all hosts and visitors in case of an emergency


Make announcements to all human resource within the organization

Company policies


New timings

New shifts assigned

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